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Corporate Identity Guide

Using our brand

Following the partnership with Ludlow College, this is the opportune time to up-date the College's visual image (logo/shield) as well as modernise the name. Therefore, as of the 1st of August 2013, the College will be named Herefordshire and Ludlow College and a new shield has been designed to complement the vibrant learning environment and professionalism of the College and its services.

Every day communication materials, including letters and leaflets, banners and brochures, are sent out. Each piece of material in some sense represents the College to its recipient. Using the College's brand in a consistent manner helps to establish a strong, substantial and distinctive identity for the College, wherever and whenever they are seen.

These guidelines provide advice and a few instructions for staff using the new shield on any marketing materials or literature.

It’s crucial that our logo appears correctly and consistently in all College communications.

All promotional materials should be shown to the marketing department before distribution.

The College Name:

In correspondence and publications, print and online the first mention of Herefordshire and Ludlow College should be in full. This can be followed by HLC in brackets. Thereafter the reference can be to HLC every time.

Obviously internal correspondence and publications can use HLC from the start.

The name should not be abbreviated or shortened in any other way.

Ludlow College will remain as Ludlow College.

The College’s Campuses:

The College has three sites: the Hereford Campus, the Holme Lacy Campus and Ludlow College. These should not be referred to in any other way i.e. Folly Lane Campus, Main Campus, etc. The Holme Lacy Campus should not be referred to as Holme Lacy College.

The College Shield:

The shield is a fixed artwork that should not be altered or recreated in any way. The logo must always be positioned consistently on all marketing material in order to present a clear brand image. This includes (but is not limited to) printed publications, web pages, correspondence, presentations, merchandising and reports.

There are two versions, one for use on all Herefordshire and Ludlow College materials and one for use on all Ludlow College materials.

Using the College Logo:

Wherever possible, the College logo should be used on all literature.

Colours: The logo may be reproduced as a graphic in full colour, black or white (please see the style sheet). When printing the logo on a dark solid colour, the logo can be reversed out and used in white. For internal documents the logo should be used as black. We have supplied 'PNG' files as these will support transparency and allow the shield to be used on coloured backgrounds without a white box appearing around it.

The shield comprises four colours:

  Pantone CMYK
Text 430 EC 33-18-13-40
Navy in the shield 287 EC 100-75-2-17
Turquoise in the shield 3135 100-0-20-0
Elements (lion, leopard and erminois) Cool grey 3 EC 8-5-6-16


The shield should always appear on an uncluttered background. It should never be used on a background that makes it indistinct.

The logo should never be combined with another logo or part of a logo.

Placing the shield: The shield should be used aligned to the left or right (top or bottom) - preferably not in the centre of a page.

Legibility / Size: In order to protect the legibility of the shield, the minimum size which the Herefordshire and Ludlow College version may appear when used in print is 50mm in width (see below). The minimum size for the Ludlow Shield is 35mm.

When used on the Internet or for other digital reproductions the Herefordshire and Ludlow shield should be no less than 142 pixels wide at 72 dpi. The Ludlow shield should be no less than 100 pixels wide at 72dpi.

HLC logo useLudlow College logo use

The logo must be reproduced from the authorised reproductions and cannot be redrawn or re-proportioned.

Please do not expand or condense the logo to fit an area or distort it in any way.

Clear space: A clear area around the College logo must be used to prevent any visual distraction.

To maintain the integrity of the College identity, keep all graphic, photographic and typographic elements outside the designated clear space.

The clear space measurement is directly proportional to the logo size and must be 10% i.e. if the logo is used at 30mm, the space must be 3mm.

Always observe the minimum clear space around the logo (indicated by the dotted line in the image below). Whenever possible, the exclusion zone area should be increased.

HLC logo exclusion zoneLudlow College logo - exclusion zone

Publications & print: Submission of the logo to journalists and publications to promote the College or its activities is permitted but should be authorised by the Marketing Department.

Any internal promotional or communications publications or anything to be submitted to an external company for publication, either as print or web, should be submitted to the Marketing Department for approval (

Downloading the College Logo

The two shields are available as PNG files to download. Other file types are available on request. This is to help ensure consistency, so that the shield does not appear in a white box.They are available in full colour, mono (black) and white.

  • PNG - allows transparent background (logo does not appear in white box)

To download a logo, just click on the link to the version that you require and the logo will open in your browser window. Then, right-click on the image and you will be offered a 'save image as' option. Save the image to your chosen folder.

Please Note: If you choose the white version you will not be able to see the image in the browser window. Trust us, it's there! - just right-click and save as above.

Herefordshire & Ludlow College Logo

Ludlow College Logo

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