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Functional Skills/GCSE

All students following a full-time programme of study at HLC will be expected to attend either GCSE or Functional Skills in maths and English classes and take the appropriate examination as part of their curriculum offer.

Functional Skills include:

  • Maths
  • English
  • ICT (as appropriate)

GCSE includes:

  • Maths
  • English

Herefordshire and Ludlow College fully supports this Government’s drive to improve the skills of the country’s emerging workforce through English, maths and ICT. As a College we offer a high standard of teaching and learning, excellent resources, a fully supportive structure and a record of achievement that compares very well with any college of further education in the Midlands.

In most, but not all, cases you will have already achieved GCSE passes in these subjects. In line with Government policy HLC offers the opportunity to those with a GCSE D grade in maths and/or English to improve upon that grade by attending classes in maths and/ or English. Functional Skills are a measure of how you adapt the skills you already have and use them to tackle both domestic and workplace issues using your initiative and problem-solving skills. Examples may include: developing a workplace rota, writing a report or designing a project budget.

You will have taken an assessment in maths and English prior to your interview and course offer. These results will set the level at which you study Functional Skills. Generally this will be at either Level 1 or Level 2; in some cases it may be Entry Level. Your GCSE grade in maths and/or English will also determine which route you take.

If you are studying for either a Level 1 or Level 2 one-year course, you will take both maths and English Functional Skills in that year. A two-year Level 3 course allows you to take one Functional Skill in the first year and another in the second year. Apprenticeships have Functional Skills included in their framework requirements; in some cases this will include ICT.

You may be returning to education and plan to advance to higher education. A growing number of universities now accept a Level 2 Functional Skill in maths and/or English as part of the application process. For those institutions that continue to require a GCSE C grade and above then the GCSE route is available to you.

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Functional Skills