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For the Potential Apprentice

Apprenticeships logoIntroduction

Work, earn and learn - with an apprenticeship at HLC

An apprenticeship offers the chance to mix on-the-job training, gaining real work experience, with classroom learning so you gain the exact skills needed for a particular role as well as nationally recognised qualifications.

Herefordshire and Ludlow College’s dedicated apprenticeship team has been guiding young people through work-based training for over 20 years. The recently Published Ofsted report was very complimentary about the apprenticeship programme, noting the apprentices’ achievement rates are “high and significantly above national rates”.

From the Principal

"For increasing numbers of young people an apprenticeship is an ideal solution- they are working for a good local employer who is committed to training, and benefit from expert tuition and support provided by the College. I am delighted that Ofsted, employers, and apprentices have all recognised the success of our work-based learning programme.”

Want to know more?

Some great things about an apprenticeship

  • Earn while you learn - you are paid a wage when you do an apprenticeship, and having an income you can spend can make a huge difference to your life. It is money you deserve, you may still be learning, but you will have done a proper job and worked for it, making a real contribution to your employer's business. Research shows that apprentices earn, on average, around £73,000 more over their lifetime than other employees, and this figure rises to £100,000 for those who have completed an advanced apprenticeship. (
  • Support all the way - you will have a dedicated Business Development Officer (BDO) who will be available to give guidance and support on choosing the right apprenticeship for you, assist you in securing employment and continue to support you throughout your training. Support is also available for businesses in recruiting apprentices or assessing which of their current employees could join the programme.
  • Transferable skills - Taking an apprenticeship doesn't restrict you to one specific job role. During your training you will pick up a number of skills that will make you more attractive to employers, from basic skill such as team working and health and safety awareness to more specialised capabilities.
  • Practical lessons - You will spend some time in the classroom, but the lessons you learn will be directly related to the job you're doing and will help with your working life. It is nothing like being at school. These are lessons for up and coming professionals which is exactly what you will be.

Key facts about apprenticeships

What are they like?

Doing an apprenticeship means having a real job - you will work alongside experienced members of staff so that you can learn the exact skills needed for your chosen career. As well as learning on the job, you will also come to college to study.

For some areas you will be required to attend a full time programme at college prior to starting an apprenticeship, you will be taught the basic skills for your trade - making you more attractive to employers and increasing your chances of securing an apprenticeship.

What do they involve?

Apprenticeships all have the following elements:

  • A Competencies qualification - This qualification shows that you are competent in performing the skill, trade or occupation your apprenticeship requires
  • A technical knowledge qualification - to show you have the necessary technical skills, knowledge and understanding of theoretical concepts as well as knowledge and understanding of the relevant industry and its market
  • Functional Skills - these are to help you achieve a good level of English, Maths, and where required Computing, which are essential to all employers
  • Additional qualifications as specified by the industry


What are the levels?

HLC offers 2 levels of apprenticeship:

  • Intermediate - Working towards work-based qualifications at level 2 that are recognised by industry as essential
  • Advanced - At the advanced level you would be working towards work-based qualifications that are recognised as providing a higher level of skills that enable holders to undertake more senior roles

Will it cost anything?

No, on an apprenticeship you will be earning money while doing your training. Getting paid to learn is one of the fantastic things about doing an apprenticeship.

What do I need to apply?

Apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 16 as long as they are living in England and not currently in full-time education. You can do an Apprenticeship if you already have a degree but you will not be eligible for any funding and either you or your employer will have to pay the training costs. There aren't any set entry requirements for apprenticeships; they vary according to the employer or industry. However, all employers will be looking for other aspects and qualities such as enthusiasm, a desire to learn and reliability - as well as a good attitude.

You will need to find an employer, or already be employed. If you are looking for an employer you can contact them direct, remember that you are hoping that they will take you on as a member of staff, so act professionally and do your research first - visit their website for a bit of background information. You can also call the College, many employers approach HLC to find a suitable apprentice for their business. Also, look out for adverts - some companies advertise their apprenticeship vacancies.

HLC's Business Development Officers can help with the job search. Finding an apprenticeship is exactly like looking for a job and begins with finding the vacancy. Our friendly team can help you to create a CV, prepare for an interview and get ready for your first day at work.

To apply you can use the online Apprenticeship Application Form.

View the full range of Apprenticeships at HLC


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