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Study Programmes

For 16-18 year olds

Each student aged 16-18 years at HLC has a Study Programme specifically tailored to meet their educational needs and career aspirations. It consists of the main qualification chosen, as well as further development of maths, English and employability skills. Its aim is to improve young peoples’ career prospects and also widen options for higher level study.

These programmes include:

  • All full-time students aged 16- 18 years will study English and maths as part of their studies. This will be either GCSE or Functional Skills depending on prior GCSE grades and initial assessment. Those students who have already achieved sufficient grades will be supported through a programme of Directed Studies. Maths and English skills and the ability to apply them are seen as essential skills by universities and employers. Many universities now accept a Level 2 Functional Skill in maths and English as recognised qualifications which carry UCAS points. This is a Government driven initiative, fully supported by the College.
  • Each full-time student will participate in work experience as well as activities designed to develop the skills and confidence required for their progression.
  • Those students who aren’t able to study for a substantial vocational qualification (e.g. if they have complex learning needs and/or disadvantage) will study a programme to develop their employability skills which might include some work experience.