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Chloe Brown

Apprenticeship: Customer Service, Intermediate, Level 2

Employer: Border Bean, Kington

Border Bean is an independent coffee shop and gallery based in the small market town Kington. Opened in 2013, owners Beccy Haydon and Kathy Thompson describe it as, “a strong social hub for the community” with a regular stream of loyal locals, and it has become equally popular amongst tourists and visitors. As a rural business, exceptional customer service is key to stand out amongst the mainstream. Level 2 Customer Service Apprentice Chloe Brown originally joined the business working Saturdays whilst completing her A Levels. Looking for an alternative route to university an Apprenticeship was the ideal path. 

“The owners of Border Bean are lovely to work for and definitely take on my opinions and ideas. I feel like I really get to input into the business, as well as continually learning on-the-job. I increased our advertising during the walking festival, and also researched local businesses so that we can offer a delivery service. I am hoping that my qualifications will give a good range of opportunities in the future, as all of the skills are very transferrable, though for the moment I am happy where I am! There are more courses I can progress to after my apprenticeship right up to Level 7 so that is something to consider for the future as well. I’ve been able to be quite flexible and independent in my study which has really suited me and I really enjoy my time at the College."

“We knew that Chloe’s lovely personality was perfect for our friendly, customer focused business.” comments Beccy. “We are very happy to give her the opportunity to progress with her career route. It gives us additional full-time support and has enabled our business to grow. The guidance and reassurance from the College has been really helpful. Her Assessor has taken the time to learn the nature of our business, moulding the framework to suit our needs. We are looking forward to expanding Chloe’s role next year in her Level 3 Management Apprenticeship.