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Kallum Norton-Williams

Apprenticeship: Level 3 Information Technology

Employer: It's Dun - IT Support in the heart of Wales and the Marches.

“I realised when I went to study for my A Levels that university wasn’t for me. I started working at It’s Dun as a trainee in Llandrindod Wells when I left sixth form early and I am now moving to Hereford to set up our second branch of the business there.

Rather than going to university, spending lots of money and then finding out I didn’t like it, this route allowed me to get a taster of what it was like working in the IT industry. I met a couple of apprentices that work in Rhyader who go to HLC so I decided to look into an apprenticeship with the College. I wanted the training because although I knew how to do what I was doing, I didn’t have the depth of knowledge I wanted about why it worked and how it all connected together. The other training courses locally weren’t really the level that I needed; I wanted something more advanced that would develop what I already knew.

The apprenticeship has definitely grown my confidence and with the skills I’ve learnt I can be much more independent, which has really enabled the business to grow. The learning you get as an apprentice is much more applied. My tutor isn’t just a teacher; he has been in the industry and has a real working knowledge of how the skills we learn will be used. At school I felt I didn’t learn as well because I couldn’t apply what I learned. Now I take what I learn and I use it every day.

I would really recommend the apprenticeship scheme because you can really get into the industry and you are still earning a wage. You can start to get a bit more personal freedom as well; I’ve bought a car and started living away from the family home and all without going to university. My tutor and my assessor have both been really supportive all the way through, not just with me but with the business too. It has all been great. I am really excited to be offering IT services and repairs in Hereford and bringing over all our experience from the Wales branch. I am looking forward to the coming months.”