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Adam Williams

Adam is one of four apprentices currently employed at Hazlin’s, an independent and family-run joinery business specialising in the manufacture of bespoke architecturally veneered doors, panels, frames and other related joinery items.  Adam entered into his apprenticeship after completing a Level 1 Diploma in Carpentry and Joinery at the College.

“I enjoyed woodwork at school and I knew I would like to go in that direction in the future. I visited the College at an Open Event and that made my mind up; the tutors were great and the course looked good. 

I like the variation of being an apprentice and every day I learn something new. My employer encourages me at work and my colleagues are always ready to help with my learning. 

On a daily basis I come in and my manager tells me the order of work for the day. We all work on different skills sections so you get to know the whole process of manufacture and develop lots of skills. I think you learn a lot more from being in a real company like to think on the spot and how to problem solve. It is a really good mix of transferable skills.

I really enjoy being at Hazlins and I can see myself working here long term. We make some amazing products and it’s great to see the end product and think, ‘I’ve been a part of making that’. They are a good employer generally and the pay is good as well. 

What advice would I give to future apprentices? Be on time, be reliable and when you are here work hard and show that you want to be here. Your communication skills are important as well and your attitude to other people. I would recommend going to look around the College and see all the different subject areas, once you’ve chosen then ask for help to make sure you are going in the right direction for you.”