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Helen Robson of K9 Cares Ltd

K9 Cares Ltd offers doggy day care and grooming in Hereford. Helen Robson, owner of K9 Cares Ltd started the business in 2011 with her husband, Matt. The first licenced dog day care centre in Hereford, the business has steadily grown year on year, winning the Hereford Means Business “Small Business of the year award 2019”. Helen has employed several Animal Care Apprentices over the years and finds they have been invaluable in the growth of her business.

“We first started to work with the College a few years ago, offering work placements to the students who were studying Animal Care up at the Holme Lacy Campus. After we’d had a few successful work placements, we took on our first apprentice, Chloe.

I have found that students who have already studied the full-time level 2 course and have shown enthusiasm in their work placement, make for a really good apprentice. They’re more mature, much more motivated and work well with the rest of the team. Chloe completed her apprenticeship with us and stayed on, and is now one of our supervisors. We’ve also had another apprentice CJ, who is now employed with us and our newest apprentice Ali has just started with us too.

The relationship we have with the College is really good; there is a lot of strong communication back and forth between us and the College, and we still offer work placements for the full-time students  as well as the apprenticeships. With the work we do, it really supports the apprenticeship coursework, and I’m glad we’re able to offer apprenticeships in such a niche field.”