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Finance Assistant Apprentice

Barrs Court School

Send School for 11-19 year olds

Apprenticeship Details

An opportunity has arisen to train as a Finance Assistant at Barrs Court School, Hereford.

Job Purpose:
Under the guidance of the Business Manager, to provide financial and administrative support to the Barrs Court School and all schools who have an SLA with Barrs Court Financial services.
Main Duties / Responsibilities
The FAA monitors the financial aspects of the school, including ordering, invoicing, petty cash and income.
• Assist the Finance Officer manage all schools (to include any school that have an SLA with Barrs Court Financial Services) financial information and processing via Xero.
• Process orders that have been authorised by the budget holder, ensuring a “best value” for the school.
• Deal efficiently with all order queries such as faulty/ incorrect items and arrange collections.
• Process invoices- payments made in accordance with credit terms via BACS/cheques.
• Deal effectively with all invoice queries/anomalies.
• Process staff expenses claims.
• Issue invoices on behalf of the school and ensure payments received.
• Prepare banking and ensure accurate records are kept.
• Prepare the VAT return
• To assist with completing forms/returns for submission to the EFA, DfES, LEA, HMRC.
• Post entries on to the financial management system to facilitate end of month procedures, and assist with bank reconciliation.
• To investigate anomalies/overspends and underspends and advise fund holders of balances, and corrective action that they might take.
• To monitor all accounting procedures and resolve any problems including the ordering, processing and payment for all goods and services provided to the School.
• School Asset register- maintaining and updating the school’s asset register and ensuring accurate record keeping. Providing information to the Finance Officer & Business Manager.
• To co-ordinate and submit bids (for funding, school status etc.) using contributions from teachers and others.
Administrative Tasks
• Assist SLT members with general administration including diary management, collating the newsletter, and to respond to correspondence on their behalf, this may involve drafting letters for him/her to later sign.
• To respond to routine correspondence, whether by email, fax or letter.
• To undertake word-processing duties and produce spreadsheets when required, including those needing more complex formatting.
• To proactively examine and implement ways in which the administrative work of the school can be made more effective.
• Cover absence in reception when required.
• Comply with and assist with the development of policies and procedures relating to child protection, health, safety and security, confidentiality and data protection/GDPR, reporting concerns to an appropriate person. Maintaining confidentiality at all times in respect of school-related matters and to prevent disclosure of confidential and sensitive information.
• To maintain manual records/computer databases MIS, Solar, Parentmail, Xero etc. and adapt these if necessary.
• To run reports, when required, from the schools computer databases e.g. MIS, Solar, Parentmail, Xero etc, to produce lists/information as required e.g. class lists, bank reconciliation, class budget etc.
This Job Description covers the main duties and responsibilities of the job. Other activities commensurate with this Job Description may from time to time be undertaken by the Job Holder.
The post holder must comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Regulations, and:
· to take reasonable care for the Health and Safety of him/herself and for others affected by his/her work, and
· to co-operate with the employer in ensuring that Health and Safety responsibilities are carried out.
Any problems which may arise concerning discipline or other worries regarding the children should be reported to a member of the Senior Management Team.
Employees have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults. It is an essential requirement that employees are aware of the Barrs Court School Safeguarding procedures for sharing information about the welfare of any person for whom they have safeguarding concerns. Employees have a duty to ensure they attend training to enable them to recognise the indicators for concerning behaviour as appropriate.
This Job Description covers the main duties and responsibilities of the job and will be subject to review and amendment, in consultation with the post holder, to meet the changing needs of the organisation.
Other activities commensurate with this Job Description may from time to time be undertaken by the Job Holder.
Other information:
Disclosure type: enhanced

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