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Pound Farm

Pound Farm is an organic mixed farm, set within 257 hectares of land. Supplying a multitude of students with a realistic and working learning environment, it is well-equipped with farm machinery including a CLAAS tractor with GPS-Co-Pilot. The farm also boasts a pedigree herd of Hereford cattle and large flock of Lleyn sheep. Crops produced on the farm include potatoes, wheat, oats, pea and barley mix, beans and cider apples. The farm supplies crops to Abel and Cole, a large retail veg-box scheme and local shops such as Oakchurch. 

Since 2016, the Farm has been selling the potatoes to baby food manufacturers who then sell on to companies such as: Heinz and Ella's Kitchen. The oats grown are supplied to Whites who then turn these into porridge oats and muesli bars. The cider apples go to Westons Cider. Being in Herefordshire, the farm has an abundant Great Crested Newt and Dung Beetle population. The Farm also supports a number of bee hives on the Estate and these are managed by the Herefordshire Beekeepers Association.