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The Animal Care Unit

The Animal Care Unit at Holme Lacy Campus is a learning resource for students studying vocational animal management courses. The unit is home to over one hundred animals, with over thirty five different species. These include reptiles, fish, birds, amphibians, mammals and invertebrates, which we encourage each student to handle during their time at the college. 

The Animal Care Unit incorporates a Tropical Room, Rodent Room, Grooming/Health checking Room, Kennel Block, outside barn and paddock area. The rabbits and guinea pigs are put out to graze daily and the cats, chickens and ducks also roam free during the day.

All students complete a day on the unit each week undergoing husbandry duties such as cleaning accommodation and providing feed, water, exercise and enrichment. The students also maintain the grounds surrounding the animal accommodation to meet industrial standards. 

In addition, the unit is utilised by tutors during lessons and for assessments in health checking, practising animal First Aid, handling/restraint, monitoring behaviour and designing accommodation.  The unit is also open to members of the public and prospective students at open and interview days.