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Pierce Martyn

“After passing my driving test in March, I suddenly became aware of how many potholes are on our local roads. When I found out about the project for the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) Award at College I thought it would be good to find a way that they could be detected automatically by vehicles so the council could be instantly informed. I adapted an existing device that is used to detect debris. It could reduce accidents, repair costs and generally make motorists a bit happier!

It was a really professional competition, I enjoyed it a lot. The panel were very highly qualified and it was really well done. I was really surprised and happy that my project won and that they thought it was a viable product. Doing the presentation really helped with my confidence, I had to talk to others who know the subject and really understood what I was saying. It is quite a new experience for me.

I really enjoy the practical side of mechanical engineering so I am considering an apprenticeship though I haven’t quite decided yet. The Extended Diploma covers a very broad spectrum of engineering. So you start to understand the different types such as precision, electrical and manufacturing. It has taught me how interrelated the disciplines are, so in my project for example, I need the mechanical to make it work and the electrical to make it work. Having the knowledge of those different elements is really helpful.”