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Sam Frankland

"I liked studying resistant materials at school and I didn’t want to do straight carpentry because I wanted to do something a bit more creative as well. I have to admit that I found Level 2 quite challenging because I was learning all new techniques but as I’ve progressed I have really improved and my problemsolving is much better now. When I started I also used to be quite quiet as a person, but in my second year I feel like I have been more able to be part of the group.

I got a job in February working at Oakwrights; I fit timber window frames to houses. I really enjoy getting everything square and getting it all into place. I’m planning on carrying on working there and then also setting up my own furniture workshop as well. If I hadn’t had the experience and skills from this course I would never have been able to get a job there. I needed all the hand skills and machine experience to apply.

To start with you make a lot of set pieces on the course but gradually you start working more independently and make your own decisions about what you are going to make. Working on my corner cabinet has definitely been my favourite part of the course; it was really great when it started to take shape properly, I was so pleased with it.”