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Natalie Johnson-Stanley

“I previously worked in the probation service for 20 years, with some work in mental health before that. I initially came across the Foundation Degree in Mental Health when I was looking for something in Law. Mental health is quite a prevalent subject in probation and I have also encountered it in my family.

I have learnt a lot from the course and my projects have been focused on the challenges offenders face in accessing mental health services. I am now much more aware of sectioning procedures and the role of mental health teams. It has helped me to see gaps in the systems much more clearly, particularly in relation to probation services. I’ve implemented a pilot scheme within the service and it is now a standardised form which flags up a record of concern.

The course has really helped me increase my knowledge in mental health, including legislation and rights. As a result I am much more confident in my job when dealing with multi-agency meetings relating to mental health.

My advice to other people interested in the course is for them to think that whilst returning to education is challenging, it is achievable. There is often funding available to help you and lots of support.”