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Jake Robbins

Jake completed the Health and Social Care Level 3 course, before deciding to then move on to the Foundation Degree in Early Years. Jake’s long-term plans are to become a teacher in a Primary School and he is currently volunteering at Weston Under Penyard Nursery.

“After finishing my Health and Social Care course, I knew that I wanted to pursue a route into early years and indirectly, my work experience on that course led me to this one. The foundation degree is a great fit, as it allows me not only to learn valuable skills but I can apply them in my work as well as earning alongside my education.

The course is really well structured; I have had the opportunity to do a lot of practical work, rather than all theory, which keeps it interesting from a learner’s perspective. As we are a small group, we’ve bonded really well and because of that it’s generally less formal, giving us opportunities to learn from each other as well as the tutors. The tutors are really knowledgeable and they can focus more time on a one-to-one basis with a small class.

A lot of guest speakers come in to give their perspectives on the early years teaching environment and we also get the opportunity to go to Worcester for lectures at the University. I have taken part in a variety of activities, such as role-play and even some carpentry! Alongside the experience and knowledge the tutors can pass on, they’ve also been able to give great guidance and advice on career pathways too, which I feel has been really important to me.”