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Luke Badham-Weeks

“I have studied IT and Computing at the College for quite some time now, doing the Level 2 and Level 3 course, before moving on to the HND in Computing and Systems Development. I really enjoy studying here and find that the tutors are excellent; not only do they have brilliant subject knowledge but they’re really great at teaching it too. They’re very supportive and because of the smaller class size, there’s plenty of opportunity for one-to-one support. It is one of the reasons I chose to carry on and study the HND here, as opposed to moving away to another university.

The course itself is very varied, which I think is great. We don’t just focus on one part of IT, we’ve done website development, databases, game development and we also got involved with miniature AI cars. I feel the breadth that we cover; coupled with the amount of practical hands-on work we do will really set me up for a career in programming or development. It seems like we’re actually learning skills that I would use in the real world, rather than just covering theory.

If you have an interest in computers or programming, I would definitely recommend this course. It’s certainly quite difficult at times but if you stick with it, the feeling of putting together a successful project is so rewarding and makes me feel really productive.”