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Kathleen Beaman

“I am originally from Southampton and came here straight from completing my GCSEs to study the Farriery Access course; at the time you needed to have completed that before starting an apprenticeship. I decided to study Farriery as I felt it was a direct path into a job, also I didn’t want to follow the crowd and take the usual route into A Levels. When I finish, I would like to start my own company; I already have a good client base, as a lot of my friends have horses, so that’s handy.

Herefordshire & Ludlow College is one of a few colleges who offer a farriery course; I chose to study here because the tutors were straight talking with me. They explained what was expected of me and what would happen in the weeks commencing; everything they told me was correct. I also really like the forges and all the people on the course; even though we’ve only spent two weeks together there is already an obvious bond, which I feel is largely down to there not being many of us in the class.

My favourite part of doing this apprenticeship is that there is a lot to learn, practically and through course work. The theory really helps me to understand why something isn’t working when I’m in the forge doing practical work, whereas before if something didn’t work I couldn’t pick up on why; the practical side of the course really challenges me, which I love. I also think the small class size works really well as we get more one-to-one time with the tutors.

I would definitely recommend this course to someone; however, I would advise that you’d need to be really committed to putting the hours in and willing to sacrifice a lot of your time; but it is definitely worth it for the outcome at the end of the four years.”