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Yasmin Joseph

I am currently studying at Herefordshire & Ludlow College doing the Level 3 Business Studies course; I chose this as it provides good opportunities for the future, giving me a path into a variety of different careers. When picking a course I felt I needed something I could put all my energy into and to keep me busy - this has definitely done that, with lots of assignments and always having some form of work to do. I’d say I have two favourite parts of this course: the tutors, who are so helpful and give us all the help we need, and the fact that it is more assignment based rather than exam based – we only have two exams the whole year and the rest is made up of assignments.
Before this course I studied Level 2 Beauty. I have a passion for beauty therapy and love all things makeup, so I thoroughly enjoyed this course and felt I learnt so much. The reason I chose to study business after this was because I wanted to learn how to handle the business side of things if I was to ever own my own beauty business; meaning I wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else to do it for me.
Herefordshire & Ludlow College is very close to my home, which was a must for me. I needed somewhere that was going to be accessible as I don’t drive, and I wasn’t willing to travel somewhere else. I also felt there was a huge range of courses to choose from that suited my style of learning better than a sixth-form college would. Having to focus on more than one A Level subject would really overwhelm me, whereas this really allows me to give the course my all and achieve the best grades possible. I would recommend this course to a friend as I have learnt so much since starting it. It is a really good gateway and insight into the world of business. I also always feel welcome and happy here at college which I’d say is really important!
On completion of my course I am looking to start an apprenticeship or go into full-time employment. I would ideally like to start an apprenticeship because I can earn money whilst still gaining a qualification, so I have been looking at ones in business administration as this is something I’d feel comfortable doing and would really enjoy.