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Connor Turner

I chose Business Studies because I studied it at school and really enjoyed it; I knew this was the only subject I wanted to do so A Levels weren’t an option for me due to having to study more than one subject. Herefordshire & Ludlow College was an obvious choice for me, as my brother came here too and he really enjoyed being here. I would definitely recommend this course and college to anyone interested.
I really enjoy learning the different aspects of business and applying what I learn to the assignments; I feel like I always learn quite a lot in lessons. Recently, I have taken part in work experience at Kingspan Insulation which I really enjoyed. Whilst there I mainly spent time with the IT department and they got me to clear up the online database and scanning documents in for the database – I ended up finishing this in 2 days, so they allowed me to shadow the IT response team who showed me how the website worked, allowed me to set up computers and company phones and they even let me have a go at fixing a printer and computer, which showed off my problem solving skills.
I feel like I really learnt a lot whilst there and enjoyed seeing all the vast factors that goes into running a business; I certainly didn’t get bored! I think doing work experience has been really beneficial to me and I would be really keen on doing some more, but this time focussing on the marketing side of business. 
When I finish studying at Herefordshire & Ludlow College I am going to visit my dad in South Africa for 6 months; then on my return I would like to do an apprenticeship with Kingspan Insulation. There is one available at the moment for an IT member role, which would be of interest to me, so I am hoping there is something available when I come to do one.