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Giles Morrell

I am currently completing a Forestry and Arboriculture apprenticeship at Herefordshire & Ludlow College at the Holme Lacy Campus. I picked this because it is something that gets me up on my feet and enjoying the outside life.
Before I decided to do this, I was studying sport at the Hereford campus. I feel like it isn’t a massive jump in subject, because it is still active like sport; the transition from that course to this apprenticeship was quite easy and they complement each other well. I also only found out about this apprenticeship through doing sport, if I hadn’t started it I may never have found out about this.
I am currently carrying out my work placement with Edwards Tree Services and I’m really enjoying it, I see myself staying with them for quite a while after completing my apprenticeship – there is definitely room to progress within the company. I think my favourite part of the apprenticeship and why I chose to do one, is being able to learn and earn at the same time.
I chose Herefordshire & Ludlow College because it was close to home for me, I also know it is a good place to come after studying sport. I would definitely recommend the course and the College to a friend as it’s really easy to get to and the course is very flexible.