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Ben Jones

Ben Jones, Furniture Making Level 2

 “I chose to study here as I heard it was a really good college to come to, and it was also the only College doing this course in the local area, which is what I really wanted to study. I’ve always been interested in making stuff, and have been, working as a model maker for the past ten years, but I wanted to change careers,

I’ve always had an interest in Furniture Making, and when I looked at other colleges for inspiration, that’s when I decided that Furniture Making was what I wanted to do next.

I’m really enjoying the course, it’s great, I especially like how practical it is, it’s definitely the best part for me, along with working with the other people on this course too. The atmosphere is nice, everyone is chilled and there’s no bad vibes. The college has got good facilities, the teachers are knowledgeable, and the workshops are well equipped for the course, and I’d recommend the course for anyone looking to study Furniture Making.”