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Support for Full-time Learners

Full-time students can apply for:

Tuition Fee Loans

To obtain help towards your tuition fees you must first apply to your Student Loan Company. You will be assessed on income either as an independent student or based on that of your parents.

An independent learner is one of the following:

  • Over the age of 25
  • Married at the start of the course
  • Has no living parents
  • Has been supporting themselves for 3 years prior to the course start date

For all those to whom this does not apply, assessment will be based on your parent’s income. You can apply by requesting forms from your Student Loan Company or online at Application packs are also available from Herefordshire and Ludlow College’s Learner Services Department. If your circumstances change during your course, you will need to notify your Student Loan Company.

Your application may result in you receiving either:

  • A tuition fees grant (which is non-repayable)
  • A tuition fees loan, which will be repayable in the same way as your main student loan

Loans for tuition fees (Tuition Fee Loan):

  • Available to cover the full cost of your tuition
  • You don't have to pay for your course upfront
  • Only start paying back when you are earning over £21,000 per year

Which of these you receive will depend on your circumstances; the Student Loan Company will decide which of the above you are eligible for. Any tuition fees awarded will be paid directly to HLC.

Maintenance Loan/Grant for Living Costs:

Maintenance loans/grants are available to eligible full-time undergraduate learners to assist with living costs.

Re-payable loans (Maintenance Loans):

  • Available to help with living costs such as food, accommodation and travel
  • A loan of up to £5,500 will be available if you live away from home
  • A loan of up to £4,375 will be available if you live with your parents

The loan is paid directly into your bank account at the start of term and has to be paid back

Non-payable grants (Maintenance Grants):

  • Subject to household income
  • Available to help with living costs such as food, accommodation and travel

There is a government grant available which is paid directly into your bank account in 3 instalments, along with your loan. Again, the Student Loan Company assesses this and there are income thresholds. Any award made to you does not have to be repaid.

Any Maintenance grant you receive will reduce the Maintenance Loan you can get.

Please note: You must be a full-time UK learner to apply for this grant. Part-time, EU learners cannot apply.

Special Support Grants

There are other grants available for learners in certain circumstances (e.g. those with dependant children or those with disabilities.) If you get or qualify for Income Support or Housing Benefit you may get a Special Support Grant instead of a Maintenance Grant. The amount you get is the same as the Maintenance Grant, but it won’t reduce the Maintenance Loan you can get. Please visit: for further information.

Additional Help

There is limited help available for full and part time HE learners in cases of financial hardship. This help is administered directly by HLC. Please contact Financial Support on 0800 032 1986 for further details.

Further advice is available at This site provides information on the financial help available to students and it is possible to calculate an estimate of the support to which you may be entitled.

Student Loan

Many of our learners take up their student loan entitlement. This loan is made up of a 75% basic entitlement, which is not means tested and 25% that is means tested; therefore this part of the loan may reduce or increase depending upon your household or parental income. This loan is paid to you each term. Any loan will have to be repaid but only once you have left education and are earning above the set amount (currently £15,000 per year.)

Career Development Loans

If you cannot get support through the Student Loan Company or any other funding, you may be able to apply for a career development loan (CDL). Anyone aged 18 or over living in Great Britain and planning to work in the UK or European Union after their training can apply for a loan. To get a copy of this application, contact the CDL information line, on 0800 100 900.

Disabled Students Allowances (DSA's)

The DSA provides extra financial help if you want to study a higher education course and have a disability, ongoing health condition, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty like dyslexia. For further information on the DSA visit You can also contact our DSA Coordinators Annie Fish on 01432 365546 and Hannah Pickford on 01432 365546 to find out how to apply.