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Finance for Higher Education

There are various forms of financial support available for students and these pages have been created to provide information and guidance on the various loans and grants. Every care has been taken while compiling this information but with the government making frequent changes to both the fees, support and criteria we would highly recommend you check all essential details prior to enrolment.

Please visit: to find out more.


For learners entering higher education from the 2020/21 academic year:

Full-time learners can apply for:

  • a Tuition Fee Loan
  • a Maintenance Loan
  • a Maintenance Grant
  • Disabled Student's Allowances (DSA)

Full-time Learners - For further information on each of the above, please click here

Part-time students can only apply for:

  • a Tuition Fee Loan
  • a Maintenance Loan
  • Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA)

Part-time Learners - For further information on each of the above, please click here

EU students can only apply for:

  • a Tuition Fee Loan
  • help with living costs

Further advice is available from: 

Financial Help When Enrolling on a Partnership Course:

Those students enrolled with other institutions providing franchised courses at HLC (e.g. Worcester University or Hereford College of Arts) may be eligible for additional bursaries, depending on financial circumstances. The institution you enroll with can provide all the necessary details.

When Can I Apply?

Student finance can be applied for each academic year. This can be done online via 

Students can apply from early 2020 and up to 9 months after the start of the academic year.

Please visit: for further details, online application, etc.

Who Qualifies?

Whether you qualify for student finance depends on:

  • your nationality or residency status
  • your university or college
  • your course
  • if you’ve studied a higher education course before
  • your age

For further information regarding these criteria, please visit:


You only have to pay back Tuition Fee Loans and Maintenance Loans . You pay interest on these. You don't have to pay back other student finance, e.g. any grants and bursaries.

Repayments are linked to your income in the case of Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loans, you only make repayments when your income is (currently) over £25,725 a year. If your income drops below this amount repayments stop. 

Part-time students sometimes start repayments while they’re still studying. Further information and a repayment calculator can be found by visiting:

Online Resources

The student finance section of the 'Student Room' website has the latest news and advice for all students, including those going to university.

Students can also follow Student Finance England at and to take part in student finance surgeries.

19+ Advanced Learning Loans

Click here for information about advanced learner loans.