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College Campus Continues to Develop Sustainably

Herefordshire & Ludlow College Crosslam Workshop has just been named Education Project of the Year at the 2017 Structural Timber Awards.

The project is situated on the College’s Holme Lacy Campus and is used primarily for the maintenance of tractors and other agricultural machinery. It has been designed to complement the other award-winning, low-carbon projects onsite, such as the Straw Bale Cafe and Fast-Track Classrooms. Principal and Chief Executive of the College, Ian Peake commented, “We are very pleased that this new development has been recognised for its pioneering design and construction. The workshop has been equipped with the latest technologies to facilitate learning for modern industry and provides a truly outstanding learning environment.”

Unusually for an industrial building, the workshop sports an innovative and efficient flat-pack timber structure, which takes advantage of a relatively new technology known as Cross Laminated Timber (Crosslam or CLT) to economically form all structural components (including beams, columns, walls and roof) from a single type of timber panel.

This is a pre-fabricated, sustainable and attractive method of construction which allowed for a rapid on-site build (the frame took just four days) and the creation of a flexible and high-quality internal environment.

The workshop has a modest energy requirement in use, thanks to a highly insulated envelope, efficient services specification and 12kW of roof-mounted solar pv panels, all helping to secure an excellent A-rated Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Hewitt Studios Project Architect Paul Younger stated, “This awards recognises the pioneering role that the College and this project has played in demonstrating that eco-friendly CLT is now an economically viable alternative to conventional, high-carbon, methods of building.”


Date: 23/10/2017