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Head of English has Educational Book Published

The College’s Head of English, Kate Robinson, has had her second book published by Bloomsbury Publishing. Kate commented, “Phonics at Home is an educational book aimed at parents and carers to build and develop children’s reading and spelling development at home, helping children with both letters and sounds. The book provides straight forward explanations for pre-school to the end of Key Stage 2, although the strategies are appropriate for anyone developing their phonics skills.”

Kate uses her wealth of experience as a teacher to clearly explain phonics to readers whilst making the experience enjoyable and fun through games. The explanations and step-by-step instructions help parents and children make the most of every activity, as the games work with any school phonics scheme and are easy to play at home.

Kate has previously had a spelling book published and has also written for Oxford University Press online, looking specifically at enabling teachers and parents to develop children’s skills in fun ways. In Kate’s first book, ‘A Creative Approach to Teaching Spelling’, major developments in the teaching of spelling over the last forty years are explored, leading to a study of current research and approaches on which the subsequent games within the book are based.

‘Phonics at Home’ was recently released on the 20th February 2020 and is now available to buy on Amazon, click the link here.

Date: 25/02/2020