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AOC Beacon Awards 2020/21

The Association of Colleges’ Beacon Awards celebrate the best and most innovative practice among UK colleges each year. They are awarded every year by AoC to provide recognition for excellence and innovation, acknowledging the talents of staff at all levels. They highlight the breadth and quality of education in the college sector. We're delighted to be recognised this year for JISC Award for Effective use of Digital Technology in Further Education, for our mixed reality project - Animal Care & Welfare Training for the Land-Based Sector.

This exciting new development utilises a mixed reality system to create a holographic horse for students to utilise for teaching, learning and assessments. The sophisticated system utilises a Hololens headset, allowing students to walk around and explore a virtual horse, examining all parts of a horses anatomy, from body parts, muscular and skeletal systems and more. Being virtual, it also allows students to explore signs of distress in the animal, which would not be ethical to study in reality. The flexible system can be utilised inside and out, making it far more accessible than standard teaching practices too!

The video below is a quick example of the system in action.

Date: 3/12/2020