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Public Services students rising to the challenge of Everest

The Public Services students of Herefordshire & Ludlow College are always up for a challenge, and with the students being stuck at home due to the third lockdown, the tutors of the course decided to challenge the students to a seemingly massive undertaking, of walking to Mount Everest, and back, in the month of February. As a group they were tasked with collectively covering 9,400 miles, the distance to the mountain and back. They could achieve this by walking, running, cycling, rowing or any other method they could think of around their local area. As a further incentive for this challenge, they are also fundraising for the West Mercia Search and Rescue charity, a worthy cause, and a suitable link to the nature of their course.

As of the 25th February, the 135 students and teaching staff have managed an incredible 8000 miles, and are now on the final push to make it home, having raised an amazing £2800 so far for the charity. Not only has it encouraged the students to get out and exercise, but it’s really built up their teamwork skills and comradery, as they encourage each other to push further and harder, as every single mile counts.

Principal of the College, David Williams said; “What you’re doing is amazing, and we’re very proud of you, the money you’re raising for West Mercia Search and Rescue will be greatly appreciated.”

Ed Williams, Superintendent for Herefordshire of West Mercia Police said; “You’re taking part in a fantastic initiative right now, West Mercia Police are right behind you!”.

We spoke with some of our Public Services Students (Evan, Martha and Luke) and Staff (Maz and Darren) as they reach the last few days of their Walk to Everest and Back Challenge. The staff and students have nearly finished their epic journey, hear what the students and staff have to say about their experience of the challenge. If you'd still like to donate, you can do so here - 

Date: 26/02/2021