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Childcare and Education Expo Midlands

Written by Childcare Level 3 Students

On Friday 24th September the Childcare group went to Coventry to the Childcare and Education Expedition. As we arrived there, we all got given wristbands to enter the expedition. We got to walk around the different workshops and see the different things people were advertising and selling. Different stalls had a variety of equipment that you can use in childcare play. This gave us ideas of what we can recreate and take back to our own setting to benefit a child's play.

After walking around the stalls, we went to a seminar and got to hear Alice Sharpe’s amazing stories and her speech on Pedagogy and Play. Alice Sharpe’s speech was an eye-opener, it was incredible to hear about the importance of leading a child to learn. She believes us practitioners have to be the biggest resource a child has access to, and her speech made us all realise the importance of ensuring the child is always put first. We took away many things from Alice Sharpe’s enthusiastic speech as she explained the importance of how simple resources can create a difference for a child to learn. 

After Alice Sharpe’s speech, we got to explore the different workshops. It was very useful to go around the stalls as we got to see everything that can be used in an Early Years setting and saw the importance of promoting these resources to children. For example, there was a workshop on forest schools where we got to get involved and try out the materials a child would get to use. There was another workshop on interactive boards where we got to try out the different beneficial games for which could be promoted in an Early Years classroom.

After lunch, there was an interactive workshop where we all got to be involved and join in the activity. It was about teaching young children different languages, and we focused on French and Spanish. We got to learn the different colours, 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' and counting up to 10 in both languages. This was all done through singing songs, and it benefitted us to see how we can promote this to young children. It was very enjoyable and fun to be able to get involved and do the activity as a group.

Once the interactive workshop finished, we got to have a final look around all the workshops, then got the bus on the way back to college. Overall this trip was an eye-opener and very beneficial to us all as it showed us the importance of providing a variety of resources for children and it encouraged us all to take these ideas back with us and use them in our own settings.

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Date: 17/11/2021