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On behalf of all the governors I would like to welcome you to the governance section for  Herefordshire, Ludlow and North Shropshire College. Here you can access information on the Corporation and its Committees, governance policies and procedures, minutes of meetings and details of how to become a governor.

The College

Herefordshire is a sparsely populated area with a population of 177,000. Herefordshire and Ludlow College delivers 87 full time courses and 300 part time courses, covering a broad curriculum in 14 areas of learning. Currently, the College has 1,500 full time students and 6,000 part time students, including 450 Higher Education students.

The Corporation

The Corporation (governing body) is responsible for the mission and strategic direction of the College, determines policy and monitors the performance of the College. It oversees the management of the organisation within the parameters set by the Instrument and Articles of Government. Further Education Corporations have between 12 and 20 Members, who can be from a variety of backgrounds; their experience and strategic skills make a vital contribution to the continuing development of Colleges. Membership details and governor profiles can be found using the link to The Board and its Committees. If you feel that you could contribute to the work of the College, either by being a governor or as a member of one of our Consultative Committees, please see the section on How to become a Governor for HLC.

Further Information & Contact Details

I hope you find the information on this website both interesting and informative. If you would like any further information about governance arrangements at Herefordshire and Ludlow College, please contact Linda Watkins, Clerk to the Corporation, by telephone on 01432 379351 or by email at

Igor Andronov
Chair of Governors