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Centre Reviews and Appeals

Student Requests for Centre Reviews and Appeals to Awarding Organisations - Summer 2021

What may happen to your grade during the centre review and appeals process?

If you request a centre review or an awarding organisation appeal, there are three possible outcomes: 

  • Your original grade is lowered, so your final grade will be lower than the original grade you received. 
  • Your original grade is confirmed, so there is no change to your grade. 
  • Your original grade is raised, so your final grade will be higher than the original grade you received.

Once a finding has been made you cannot withdraw your request for a centre review or appeal. If your grade has been lowered you will not be able to revert back to the original grade you received on results day.


What will be checked during a centre review?

You can ask the centre to check whether it made a procedural error, an administrative error, or both. A procedural error means a failure to follow the process set out in the centre policy. An administrative error means an error in recording your grade or submitting your grade to the awarding organisation.

You must request a centre review before you can request an awarding organisation appeal. This is so the awarding organisation is certain that your grade is as the centre intended.

What will be checked during an awarding organisation appeal?

You can ask the awarding organisation to check whether the centre made a procedural error - or whether the awarding organisation itself made an administrative error. You can also ask the awarding organisation to check whether the academic judgement of the centre was unreasonable, either in the selection of evidence or the determination of your grade.

When do I need to submit my request?

You should submit a request for a centre review by 16 August 2021. Complete HLNSC Stage One – Centre Review and email the form to


Once you have received the outcome of your centre review, if you wish to request an awarding organisation appeal you should do so as soon as possible. The college will submit this on your behalf. Requests for an awarding organisation appeal should be submitted by 23 August 2021. Complete the form HLNSC Stage Two – Appeal to Awarding Organisation and email the form to

HLNSC Stage Two Appeal Form

Students applying to university – priority appeals

If you did not attain their firm choice (i.e. the offer accepted as your first-choice university) and wish to appeal an A level or other Level 3 qualification result, you should inform your intended higher education provider that you have requested a centre review or appeal.

You MUST include your UCAS personal ID (the 10-digit code included in all correspondence from UCAS) when submitting an appeal.